Korkeila Jewellery is a Nordic fine jewellery brand that creates classic demi-fine, 14k gold pieces with a contemporary twist by using environmentally friendly lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold.

Korkeila Jewellery is on a mission to make sustainable pieces that bring joy and leave as little a footprint on the earth as possible. Jewellery should be a positive investment that you can treasure for years to come.

responsible sourcing


Korkeila Jewellery is inspired by Nordic lifestyle, which is all about minimalism, functionality and re-connecting with nature. Each piece is made to blend in as a part of the wearer’s everyday style rather than to show off. The lightweight and thin pieces feel so comfortable to wear that you won’t want to take them off.



The Co-Founder and Creative behind the Korkeila Jewellery brand Marika grew up in Finland, where the major inspiration for the pieces comes from.

She moved to London to pursuit her passion for working in fashion. After completing degrees in Business and Fashion, she has worked her way up in the competitive city. Marika worked in retail for a number of fine jewellery brands before stepping into a role in PR at a French fine jewellery brand and found her love for jewellery. Later, she shifted from PR into the world of social and digital media. 

When Marika heard about lab grown diamonds for the first time she couldn’t believe that they were so unheard of in the industry. Whilst researching them more she discovered how they could safe the environment. She became very passionate about the subject and wanted to spread the awareness to consumers. 

Finally encouraged by her father, a Master Gold Smith and Founder of a jewellery store carrying the same family name Korkeila Helsinki, Marika set up Korkeila Jewellery with him.